About Castaic

Castaic California is one of the fastest growing communities in Southern California

Castaic, California 2000 Census population 22,173 in the 91384 ZIP Code is an community in Los Angeles County, North of Santa Clarita.

Today it is a growing community in close proximity to the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles Area, and has many new suburban housing developments. Castaic sprouted to life due to the Ridge Route, which brought travelers looking for gasoline, water, food and lodging. Many early day residents of Castaic were involved in providing for travelers needs along the Ridge Route. Today travelers still enjoy stopping at Castaic for their needs, but also enjoy nearby amenities including Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lake where boating and swimming are favorite pastimes.

Castaic Lake is the terminus of the west branch of the State Water Project and a 150 MW pumped storage hydroelectric plant located at Castaic Dam captures the energy from the falling water. From Castaic, the water is delivered to by pipelines to the Los Angeles area.

The Castaic Town Council meets regularly to solve the challenges of the growing community. It covers 100 square miles (259 km²) of area, and includes the Val Verde and Chiquito Canyon areas.

Some of the earliest businesses started in Castaic are Castaic Brick (founded 1927) and George Dunns Wayside Dairy (founded 1929). Sams Place (Sam Parson, proprietor) on the Ridge Route has long since gone and is now a memory.

The origin of the name Castaic – misspelled by many over the decades – is the Native American word Kashtuk, meaning "eyes."


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