Castaic Schools

  • Castaic Elementary School
    Kindergarten Thru 4th Grade. Neighborhoods of, Hillcrest Park, Bravo/Encore, Quail Valley, Lakeridge, Lakeview, Castaic Oaks. Located in Hillcrest Park. How does Castaic Elementary school rate for academics, View The Castaic Elementary School Report Card
    Principal: Mark Evans
    20455 Park Vista Drive
    Castaic, CA. 91384
    (661) 257-4530

  • Live Oak Elementary School
    Kindergarten thru 5th Grade. Serves students west of I-5 in Hasley Canyon/Val Verde, Live Oak, Cambridge Road and Hasley Hills neighborhoods. Check the stats, View The Live Oak Elementary School Report Card for data on academics and State rankings
    Principal: Janene Maxon
    27715 Saddleridge Avenue
    Castaic, CA. 91384
    (661) 257-4540

  • Northlake Hills Elementary School
    Kindergarten thru 5th Grade serves students east of I-5, northwest side of I-5, North of Parker Road. Review the State Ranking for The North Lakehills Elementary School "Report Card" How does this School rank?
    Principal: Rhonda Steinberg
    32545 Ridge Route Road
    Castaic, CA. 91384
    (661) 257-4560

  • Castaic Middle School
    Grades 4-8
    View The Castaic Middle School "Report Card" complete stats for this School.
    Principal: Marcia Dains
    28900 Hillcrest Parkway
    Castaic, CA. 91384
    (661) 257-4550
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